“We are tied down to a language that makes up in obscurity what it lacks in style.”—Player, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard

NOCTIS - A Paranormal Experiment

NOCTIS is the third proper book that I've started writing. Honestly, it's still in its infancy, but I'm totally in love with the characters and concept. Not sure why the title is in caps, but I wrote it that way when I first saved the Word document, and it just seemed to fit.

Oh, and yes, I started this one digitally--no handwritten version to glare at me from the shelf.

In essence, I was in a bit of a writers' block with both Avenari and Ambri-Qis, at around the same time that I was transcribing the handwritten version of the second book onto my computer. I still wanted to write, but I didn't really have much drive to work on my two main titles.

So I just started writing a new book--that's cool, right?

I didn't have any idea at all of what I was trying to do. Honestly, it should have died almost immediately, but the writing was so different from Avenari and Ambr-Qis that I couldn't stop. Hydra's voice struck a chord with me. The way she viewed the world and the way she interacted with people was a fascinating departure from my previous work, and her responses to things that happened around her intrigued even me--and I was writing it!

The fact that she hears voices, the way she's introduced, and her methodical treatment of the world around her is so fresh and fun to write. Also, her strange ability, and the story of how she came to possess that ability were a stroke of insanity. I love everything about her strangeness.

And then there's Tabidius--ah, Tabidius, the white shadow. I don't know what was in the water that day, but the day I invented him was a glorious one.

See, I wanted to keep writing paranormal--I love it, and I love the freedom it gives me to do weird, fantastical things. However, I wanted to try something other than the vampires that I had created. After all, I'd already given them a lot of screen time, and they were giving me the cold shoulder at the moment, so I created Tabidius for Hydra.

Now, you'd have to understand the back story for Ambri-Qis to really get where I'm going with this, but Tabidius and Ambri-Qis share a lot of traits. (Actually, it's thanks to Tabidius that I managed to flesh Ambri-Qis out so well.) I wanted to create something that I'd never seen before in a paranormal story, something with just enough history to be derivative, but rare enough that others would find it new and fascinating.

So I made Tabidius a wraith, an earthbound spirit of unknown origin with traits somewhat similar to a psychic vampire. What he is hasn't really been worked out, yet. Rather, where he came from and how he came to be is still a question mark. Perhaps he's the remnant of a departed mortal from Ancient Rome? Perhaps, like Ambri-Qis, he came from one of the Elemental realms? I don't know. I just know that he's a wraith, and that's he's the most exciting character I've created since Andris.

NOCTIS isn't done, but I'm planning on working through my current block. I've got some overhauling to do, I know, but it shouldn't be quite as heart-wrenching as what I had to do to Avenari. Actually, if my gut instinct is giving me accurate readings, NOCTIS might get published first, assuming I finish it sometime within the next year.

Ooh, that would be nice.

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